Thursday, 10 October 2013

Behind the scenes

Photo shoot for my website went ahead last night. 
I specifically wanted girl next door and friends helping with this and this is what I got. Thank you for the help Christina Grindey (photographer) and Abigail Pearson (model) 

The shoot went so well, although chasing around Billy the 9 week puppy and a 12 month old baby was not ideal! We did it!!! 
Behind the scenes....

Website will be up and running shortly!! 

Lucy x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fashion Business...

Starting up your own business is so time consuming, money is no where to be seen and the next night out looks too far away.
Along with having a new puppy (Billy) which means no sleep and constant 'playtime'... its a struggle to say the least. 

I paint such a bad picture, but it actually is all worth it.

Since my last post I have been lucky enough to gain a Government start up loan (link at the bottom of the page) where I was given a mentor and a whole lot of paperwork to complete. On being awarded the loan I have been able to buy everything from stock to rails and a gazebo for my market stall. Lymington Market, New Forest, UK.

The journey so far...

My first market stall was a nice early wake up (6am) and there I was on a very cold and windy morning sat in my gazebo along with the the rug man one side and the fruit and veg the other. Obviously was not looking hopeful but it took a while and soon ladies came to look and brought a few items. It wasn't until this week that I realised people needed to see I was returning weekly to trust in my items.... more came back this weekend and I made a killlinnnnggg!!  

Next steps are my website building, photoshoot of stock and booking in clothes parties. 

Here is a link to the start up loans website. If anyone is thinking of starting their own business,which I highly recommend, then have a look at what this can offer you and keep following my blog for dos and  don'ts along the way...

until next time x 

P.S.  Puppy Billy... 

Monday, 15 July 2013

First of Many More

First of many blog posts...

I have decided after a whirlwind of adventures, failures and random decisions that home is actually where the heart is.

Ruby & I
It has been a dream of mine for years to sell clothing for woman thats different and unique. Without any fashion training all dance based, but with a good eye for whats hot and whats not, surely I was just dreaming
Now in 2013 I have finally decided that this will be this.... 

I welcome Y'all to

Elsie Rose Boutique 

Everything coming soon :) 
Im very excited and so should you be... 

Please follow my blog to follow my adventure from start to ongoing, watch the highlights, outfit ideas, trends, online offers, new arrivals and so on

Love LC ... & Ruby the puppy x